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About Us

Nauti Pleasure Charters offers private charter excursions and recreational bare-boat charter rental aboard a luxury yacht for groups of 6 or less (6 Pack) and/or 7 to 13 passengers (12 Pack).  We are headed by a Captain with more than 29 years as a U.S.C.G. licensed Captain. 

Mission Statement

The M/Y Nauti Pleasure is a luxury 50-foot Bluewater Yachts M/Y (motor yacht) for your private nautical pleasure.  Our goal is to provide guests that may or may not have the resources of ownership an opportunity to experience yachting.  Those guests that can afford their own yacht might find it impractical to own given their busy lifestyle and other priorities.  Our yacht comes Captained, clean, comfortable and ready for service for your reserved date and time.

The cost of owning your own yacht is considerable; 15% down payment, 10 years of monthly payments, dock slip and storage, yacht insurance and routine maintenance can total thousands of dollars a month not to mention the depreciation.  Economically speaking only the experienced yacht owner knows that renting is far cheaper than the comparable cost of owning when broken down to a "per use" cost basis.

Private Excursions up to 6 passengers

The Nauti Pleasure can be chartered for private excursions with a Captain for up to 6 passengers.  Rates start at $395.00 for two (2) hours Monday through Thursday ($495.00 weekends Friday - Sunday)  Three (3) hour cruises are $595.00 weekdays and $695.00 weekends.  Florida state sales tax is 6.6% additional.  Additional hours are available at a discounted rate.

Recreational Bareboat Charters (7 to 13 passengers)

Bareboat charters are available for the Charterer and up to 12 guests.  Rates do not include the Captain.  Rates for 3 hours start at $695.00 + Captain on weekdays and $895.00 + Captain on weekends.  Additional hours are available at a discounted rate.  Florida state sales tax at 6.5% is additional.

Title 46 U.S. Code Section 2101 (35) states that a chartered 12 passenger vessel cannot be provided a crew "specified" by its owner.  To qualify for a Recreational Bareboat Charter,  the charterer selects a Captain from our list of qualified Captains and hires them directly at a minimum rate of $25.00 per hour or $100.00 minimum.  Our pool of Captains must have demonstrated compentency with our vessel, hold at least a U.S.C.G. 25 Ton Master license and comply with Federal random drug and alcohol testing regulations at a minimum.


USCG Safety Certification NMMA Yacht Certification


Charter Agreements

Recreational Bareboat Charter Agreement  Charter Agreement Reservation Form 

Special Offers

2-Hour Excursion
*Weekdays (M-Th) up to 6 passengers.

3-hour Bare-Boat charters up to 12 passengers available.


Tanning Yacht at a Dock Destin Dolphins


Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information listed here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Destin and Northwest Florida

981 Highway 98 East
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Destin, FL
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